Touch Typing at Holiday School 9/10/11 August

Every year we introduce some new elements to our Holiday School. We listen to the opinions of our pupils and their parents and make changes so that Holiday School offers a challenging experience combined with a lot of fun.

Amongst all our Holiday School activities this year, children will work on their touch typing, which we have already piloted with pupils attending Launchpad for Learning (our daytime provision). Response was enthusiastic and lessons will continue next term.

Laptops ready and waiting

Laptops ready and waiting

During Holiday School, any children who are new to touch typing will learn finger placement and letter location. Those who already have these skills will work on increasing their speed and accuracy.

We decided to offer touch typing to our pupils because some struggle with weakness in their hands which can make handwriting uncomfortable. We also have some pupils with visual difficulties which can make working on a keyboard tiring if they have to look for each letter. We explain to our pupils that touch typing is a valuable skill for life. The British Dyslexia Association states:

I.C.T. is an effective communication tool for dyslexic users. It saves hours of time, especially when planning, writing and editing information. To make the most of word processing it is important to ensure all users have good keyboard awareness and efficient typing skills. Efficient Typing skills are particularly important for those Dyslexics able to use keyboards for exams.

Imagine this with sound effects

Imagine this with sound effects

A number of good touch typing software packages are available in formats that appeal to children. We use Nessy Fingers and we agree with them that their method is probably ‘the most fun you will ever have learning to touch type.’

Look out for further updates on our pupils’ touch typing progress.

At the time of writing, there are still a few places available for Holiday School on 9/10/11 August. If your child would like to join us, has dyslexia, and is in the 7-11 age group, please contact me to book a place:

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