Holiday School a Huge Success!

A busy and fun-filled 3 days enjoyed by both children and staff. Our theme was ‘Horrible Histories’.

Each day at Holiday School we incorporated some of the learning activities from our term time Launchpad for Learning sessions, such as literacy games linked to the alphabet rainbow, differentiation of medial vowel sounds in words, rhyming, Nessy Fingers etc. We also promoted team skills and aimed to raise each individual’s self esteem through a P4C (Philosophy for Children) session at the end of each day.

Day 1 – The Romans

We were very fortunate to welcome visitors from Archaeology Workshops Wales, Rebecca Yearsley and her partner Paul, who kindly brought Roman artefacts that had been found on the Caerleon site. After handling the artefacts and learning about their uses, the children also had the opportunity to try on some Roman armour, which they all agreed felt “uncomfortable” and “really heavy “.

New vocabulary, associated with the Romans, was then put to the test with a game of matching the word to the picture.

Later that day the children practised team skills and problem solving to work out how to create Roman togas and ivy crowns.

At the end of the day our P4C (Philosophy for Children) session was based on the question ‘If you could travel through time, would you rather live in the past or the future?’ General consensus was that after what they had learnt about the Romans the future seemed preferable!

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

Day 2 – The Egyptians

We started the day with a powerpoint presentation to learn about the Egyptians. This was followed by new vocabulary to learn, literacy games and a P4C session.

Activites today also included making mosaics, practising hieroglyphics, creating origami pyramids and making Egyptian crowns. The children then used IT skills to source images of Egyptian landscapes as inspiration for watercolour paintings. We discovered some very talented artists in our midst!

image7 image8 image9 image10

Day 3 – The Stone Age

Once again we started with a powerpoint presentation, this time learning about the Stone Age. The children worked collaboratively to create their own cave style painting using their fingers, leaves and twigs. Admiittedly it got very messy, but it was great fun!

The weather was kind to us today so we went outside to our Outdoor Learning Area for problem solving and team building activities. The children had to pretend they were Stone Age people and work in groups to decide the best way to carry a large animal (big bean bag) through some obstacles and back to their cave without dropping it. Some excellent team skills demonstrated.

Of course we also completed literacy games and a P4C session.

As it was the last day we reviewed all 3 days by working collaboratively to write a song. The children had some brilliant ideas and we used the familiar tune of ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. We were accompanied by our volunteer Tom on the guitar. I think you will agree that the song, which is depicted in the photograph below, says it all!

image11 image12 image13 image14 image15

A big thank you and very well done to all those children who attended and worked so hard. We hope to see you all again very soon, either at our term time Launchpad for Learning sessions or future Holiday Schools. Watch this space!

Finally, a very big thank you to our 2 volunteers, Tom Lazell and Polly Walters whose help and support during the Holiday School was invaluable and greatly appreciated .

Carole Bradley, Acting Lead Teacher and Debbie Lazell, HLTA

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