Tomorrow’s Generation

Our vision is… to develop lifelong learning so pupils may reach their own unique learning potential.  We recognise that Dyslexia is a challenge to individuals and their families.We are dedicated to traditional values such as attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility but recognise that our pupils may not be traditional learners and may need specific help to improve.

To fulfil our vision… We provide an individualised and pro active curriculum which enhances self esteem, provides role models, optimises each child’s potential, develops a lifelong love of learning, builds personal responsibility, and promotes individual respect. We cherish our rich resources and pride ourselves in our commitment to the environment.

Fundamental to our vision… Is the fact that our success is measured by pupil’s individual achievement. We are committed to inclusion and fully support pupil’s reintegration into the mainstream environment when the child has developed the necessary skills to succeed. The recruitment of a highly skilled team; and the promotion of cutting edge resources in delivering our curriculum enables us to deliver a unique experience for all individuals who engage in the Tomorrows Generation learning experience.

For more information… visit the Our Team and About Dyslexia pages.

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