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Launchpad for Learning Sessions are our new and exciting Specialist Literacy and Numeracy Support Days for 7-11 year olds with dyslexia and associated difficulties.  They offer a chance to work on individual targets and develop strategies to support learning in school, as well as offering a range of confidence building learning experiences.

Please have a look at our flyer and learn more about what exactly Launchpad for Learning is.


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What is Launchpad for Learning?

Launchpad for Learning are weekly 1 or 2 day specialist literacy and numeracy support days.

When do they run?

During the school day, from 9am-3pm, during term time (authorisation from the head teacher of your child’s school will be necessary in order to attend).

Who is it suitable for?

Children aged 7-11 who have been identified as having specific difficulties with literacy and/or numeracy. They do not necessarily have to have a definitive ‘diagnosis’ of dyslexia although this is helpful. We can occasionally cater for children who fall either side of the 7-11 age range, depending on their specific needs and circumstances.

What is the purpose of the sessions?

The aim is to support dyslexic pupils in developing their confidence as learners, providing them with a range of skills they can put to good use in their mainstream schools. We provide targeted literacy and numeracy support alongside a range of literacy and language enrichment experiences.

What does it involve?

Each half term we will introduce a new engaging and exciting theme, for example ‘Explorers’, ‘Space’ and ‘Under the Sea’. Over this time pupils will develop their own project based on the theme. As well as intensive literacy and numeracy support they will develop a range of key skills through art, music, drama and ICT.

Who runs the sessions?

The sessions are lead by our Lead Dyslexia Specialist Teacher alongside a highly qualified and experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistant. We guarantee a very high staff to pupil ratio. This means that children are able to access specifically targeted literacy and numeracy support and are also well supported during group tasks.

How does it link with work in schools?

We aim to work closely with schools and help children to work on IEP targets. We also help to develop children’s key skills as outlined in the National Curriculum alongside a range of transferable skills to improve their confidence as a learner once back in school. These might include organisation skills, mind mapping, note taking and ACE dictionary skills.

How much does it cost?

The price is currently £60 per day for one, two or three days per week.  For half a day, the price is £42 for a morning £38 for an afternoon.  Tomorrow’s Generation is a registered charity and therefore a non-profit organisation. All fees go towards our running costs. 

Where is it held?

Launchpad for Learning is held in the Tomorrow’s Generation Learning Centre in Lisvane, on the Old School Community Centre site on Llwyn-y-Pia Road, Lisvane, Cardiff CF14 0SX. The centre provides a bright and welcoming learning environment with a combination of quiet study areas and larger spaces for group work. We also have access to the main hall and library facilities on the site if we need them. There are also playing fields a very short walk from our Learning Centre which we may use for supervised outdoor activities.

What else is included?

At the end of each half term we provide a short report detailing targets identified and progress made. These might include literacy, numeracy or personal targets.  

What do children need to bring?

A packed lunch, drinks and healthy snacks.

Trainers or suitable outdoor shoes.

A completed parents’ questionnaire (first day).

A copy of their school Individual Education Plan is also really helpful as we try to work closely with schools to achieve targets set (first day).

How do I get in touch?

Simply visit our CONTACT PAGE to drop us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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